The Truth About Jefe Airsoft AAP-01 Parts

The Truth About Jefe Airsoft AAP-01 Parts

If you haven't heard yet, Jefe's Airsoft Solutions has released a brand new line of high end AAP-01 upgrades! Designed with the experience of fixing and upgrading countless AAP-01s over the years, the Jefe Airsoft AAP-01 parts are made from experience. These upgrades are perfect for those looking to take their AAP-01 to the next level and upgrade parts not previously replaceable, until now!


Stainless Steel Trigger Spring

In late 2023, we're excited to introduce our first offering to the AAP-01 aftermarket - the Stainless Steel Trigger Spring. Crafted from high-quality ss304 wire, this trigger spring is engineered for superior strength and unmatched durability. Moreover, a key attribute of this material is its exceptional resistance to rust and corrosion, addressing a frequent issue with standard AAP-01 components that can significantly affect your performance in the field.

Time and again, we've encountered the same parts needing replacement in our repair orders. However, with our new Stainless Steel Trigger Spring, the era of continual replacements is over. Welcome to a future of enduring, dependable performance.



Kirinite Side Panels

At Jefe's Airsoft Solutions, enhancing your airsoft experience is our mission. We're excited to unveil our latest innovation: Kirinite Side Panels  for CTM grips. These are not just any side panels. Crafted with precision, each panel is hand-cut and polished from the extraordinary material known as Kirinite®.

Kirinite stands out for its remarkable durability. It withstands chipping, cracking, warping, and shrinking, ensuring it remains a reliable part of your airsoft gear for years to come. Furthermore, its adaptability to shaping, grinding, sanding, and buffing means we can offer a product uniquely customized to meet your demands.

Fully Compatible with the FUKU-2 Nylon Frame and the old CTM TAC Grips 



Extended Bolt Release

The standard bolt release can often be difficult to access without adjusting your grip, and this issue is exacerbated with certain aftermarket frames and kits, rendering it nearly unusable.

Enter our solution: The Jefe Airsoft Stainless Steel Extended Bolt Release. This upgrade extends the release tab away from the body and enlarges the area you can touch, facilitating a quicker and smoother gameplay experience. Moreover, it boasts full compatibility with most aftermarket frames and grips!

Jefe's Airsoft Solutions has unveiled an exclusive range of high-end upgrades for the AAP-01. Leveraging years of expertise in repairing and enhancing AAP-01s, Jefe Airsoft's new parts are crafted from real-world experience. These premium upgrades are ideal for anyone aiming to elevate their AAP-01's performance with components that were, until now, irreplaceable. Enhance your AAP-01 today with the best AAP-01 upgrades! Check out all the Jefe Airsoft AAP-01 parts.

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