What are the CTM Lowers for the AAP-01?

What are the CTM Lowers for the AAP-01?

If you're looking to take your AAP-01 to the next level, consider these fantastic upgrades from Jefe's Airsoft Solutions that can elevate both the aesthetics and performance of your pistol.


The CTM TAC Grip is a game-changer when it comes to enhancing the grip and customization of your AAP-01. Made from a blend of nylon and fiberglass, this grip is not only durable but also available in multiple colors to suit your style preferences. The package includes a frame, two plastic side panels, a release button, and all the necessary screws for easy installation. With comfort and customization in mind, the CTM TAC Grip is a must-have upgrade for any AAP-01 enthusiast.

Above is a build featuring the CTM TAC Grip in black with our Kirinite Side Panels.

AAP-01 C-Fuku 2 Nylon Frame

For a fresh look and feel for your AAP-01, consider the Fuku 2 Nylon Frame. Crafted from high-quality nylon, this frame offers a unique customization option that can set your pistol apart from the rest. Designed specifically for the AAP-01, this frame is a fantastic choice for those seeking a personalized touch to their blaster.

Above is a build featuring the AAP-01 C-Fuku 2 Nylon Frame in Grey with some custom laser engraving.

Further Customization Options

To further personalize your AAP-01, Jefe's Airsoft Solutions offers additional customization options that can truly make your pistol stand out:

Kirinite Side Panels

Add a touch of flair with Kirinite Side Panels. These panels are the perfect way to inject some color and personality into your AAP-01. Available in a variety of colors, these side panels allow you to customize your pistol to match your style preferences effortlessly.

Laser Engraving Service

For a truly unique touch, opt for the Laser Engraving Service offered by Jefe's Airsoft Solutions. This service allows you to add personalized designs or patterns to the grip of your AAP-01, making it one-of-a-kind and truly yours.


With these customizable upgrades and services from Jefe's Airsoft Solutions, you have the opportunity to transform your AAP-01 into a personalized masterpiece that reflects your individual style and preferences. Explore these options today and take your AAP-01 to new heights of customization and performance.

For more details and to check out these upgrades, visit CTM TAC Grip, AAP-01 C-Fuku 2 Nylon Frame, Kirinite Side Panels, and Laser Engraving Service.

Unleash your creativity and elevate your AAP-01 to new heights with these exceptional customization options from Jefe's Airsoft Solutions.

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