RPS- Official Tech Service

A new small business that specializes in airsoft tech services. We primarily service LA/OC/San Bernardino, California. Now accepting out of state and mail in repairs/builds. We do everything from minor and major repair work to custom builds and high speeds. Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook too. We host Instagram LIVE streams every Friday at 8PST, where you can send us messages and we answer them live while repairing which ever gun is on our bench at the time of the show.

List of Services 

Spring Swap/Downgrade/Upgrade ($25)
High Speed Build/SSG (starts at $300)
DSG (starts at $500)
Gearbox Cleaning ($30)
General Gearbox Tune Up [includes shimming, compression checks, lubrication of piston head/o-ring, inspecting hop up unit, systems check] ($55)
Sniper (start at $100)
GBB Rifle (start at $50)
DMR (start at $50)
GBB Pistol (starts at $25)
HPA Rifle (starts at $50)
HPA Tapped Pistol Mag ($25)

Don't want to ship? Try an online video Call! The first 20 minutes are FREE.

  • The first 20 minutes of the call are free. For a full hour from the start of the call is $20.
  • $40 for every hour, $20 for a half an hour. 

Please reach out to us on Discord or Instagram prior to the video call to discuss why you are calling. If you cold call with, we may be too busy to give you full attention. 

Fill out the Service Agreement to get started!

 You need to print the agreement and mail the completed form with any device you send in. If you are asking us to buy and build the device then you need to print and complete the three pages and send it to us in the mail. All devices and forms need to be mailed to the address in the upper right hand side of the form on page 1. Please note that a portion of the charges will be due upfront and the rest will be due upon the completion of the project/repair. Do not ship any accessories unless they are apart of your service request (okay part to ship would be a new grip,, new rails, not items like red dots, scopes, or flash lights) and do not ship any hazardous materials (batteries, green gas, green gas mags, etc). Please read the full form for any other important information.

Past Projects

The rifle in this picture is a custom DSG built from the ground up, it contains an SHS 18:1 DSG gear set, NSK ball bearings, Kratos piston, Angel Custom piston head, Krytac cylinder, Krytac nozzle, SHS tappet plate, M160 spring, Retro Arms gearbox, Retro Arms bevel & pinion gear set, ASG 30k boost, Magpul stock, Maxx hop up unit, Maple Leaf bucking, Krytac inner barrel (240mm length) and Noveske rails & outer barrel.


This is a limited edition Airsoft Masterpiece "The Uncle Ben" set. Everything on it is from Airsoft Masterpiece. Aside from the PDI 6.01 inner barrel, a Prometheus purple bucking, and UAC front & rear sights.


For any custom work that does not have a set price listed, please discuss individual build with technician, prices vary based on difficulty, parts availability, and what you want put in the airsoft gun. Please contact us on Discord for a fast response time and inquiries. 

RPS Tech Booth at Project N1

Jefe's Airsoft Solutions and RPS Airsoft are not responsible for anything lost, stolen, or damaged in transit. We highly recommend getting insurance for anything you plan to ship. For safety reasons, do not ship any pressurized gas cans, pressurized gas mags, or batteries. Please remove all attachments and accessories prior to shipping we are not responsible for any attachments that could come loose, fall off, or break in transit.