Used Airsoft Market Place Rules

If you are interested in selling your items on here please direct message me on Discord.

Anyone can list an item for FREE**. But please be prepared when doing so.

To list is free, but if you want advertising then there will be a small fee.

Send me:

  • The name of the product
  • At least 3 images* (all Airsoft devices must have orange tip)
  • Description
  • Price 
  • Email, shipping address, name. You will also need to create an account.
  • Box dimensions of the shipping box
  • Credentials for preferred payment account. (Paypal, venmo, cash ap, or zelle)

How it works-

Once your item has been posted it will remain on the website until it is sold or you contact me telling me it is sold. 

If the item gets purchased through the website, a shipping label will be emailed to you. You then have 2 Business days to ship the item before the transaction is canceled and you will be billed for the cost of the shipping label. 

Once the item has been delivered, payment will be routed to your preferred payment method.**

All Sales are FINAL and there will be no returns or exchanges. If there is a problem with the item that was received in the mail, email 

*A video chat may be required to provide verification of product and identity. If someone goes to buy your item(s) but you failed to inform me that you sold it elsewhere, you will be subject to fee half the value of the items or greater based on the situation. This is a case to case basis. 

 If you want to sell it to me then I may make an offer at a price that may be lower than you have in mind. 

**The listing is free of charge. If and when the product sells you will be charged 8% of the sale. The cost of shipping will be included in the listing price. Be sure to account for that as all orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. 

 By Listing on Jefe's Airsoft Solutions you agree to these terms and agree to pay all fees listed above. Buy and Sell at your own risk. Jefe's Airsoft Solutions does it's very best to go above and beyond to protect each party involved. By purchasing through Jefe's Airsoft solutions the seller never see's and personal payment information from the buyer. Eliminating the contact between the seller and buyer provides the utmost protection for both parties.  All items are carefully vetted to ensure proper function and acceptable condition of the items. Jefe's Airsoft Solutions is not responsible for any scams or defective items purchased from the used airsoft market place.