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Monthly Morale Patch Subscription

Monthly Morale Patch Subscription

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Do you like morale patches? Are you starting a collection? Or want to grow your existing collection? For under $10 a month you can earn a cool random morale patch, and have a chance of earning bonuses! 

Join the Monthly Patch Club Today!

If you really love patches then the Double Patch Deal or Triple Bundle may be for you!

 Features Single  Double  Triple
Price per patch $9.20 $7.5 $7
Velcro Backing x x x
Chance to Win Bonuses x x x
Free Shipping x x x
Multiple Patches x x
Premium Material x
Priority Order Processing x


Guaranteed to have one random morale patch, each set also has the chance to win a small prize. Some of the bonuses include- gift cards, early access to new products, special discount codes, vouchers for free items, and much more!

The patches above are examples and may not be included in your purchase. 

This subscription includes all types of patches from PVC, stitch, woven, enamel, tackle twill, applique, leather, and sequin, you name it!


 See our Subscription Policy 

Any Mystery Box Enhancer purchased with this product and no other mystery box will be considered a donation.

All sales are final. No refunds, returns, or exchanges.

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