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Stainless Steel Auto Sear Spring AAP-01

Stainless Steel Auto Sear Spring AAP-01

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Introducing the Jefe Airsoft 200% Stainless Steel Auto Sear Spring, a premium upgrade designed to enhance your AAP-01. Crafted from high-strength spring steel, this sear spring is not only incredibly durable but also delivers superior performance.

This may just fix your full auto on semi issue! Most times all you need is a new auto sear spring. 

The 200% Auto Sear Spring is built from stainless steel, ensuring its longevity and resilience. This robust material confers a high level of durability to the spring, making it suitable for both high-end competition and casual use.

Despite its advanced performance-enhancing features, the 200% Auto Sear Spring is remarkably easy to install and use. Its design allows for a quick and straightforward installation process, enabling you to get back into action in no time. Plus, its user-friendly nature makes it an excellent choice for shooters of all experience levels.

The Jefe Airsoft 200% Stainless Steel Auto Sear Spring for

AAP-01 is a robust, high-performance upgrade that improves reliability.


Are you afraid of installing upgrades yourself?

Consider checking out our Complementary installation service! When you add this service to your existing cart with an

AAP-01, it lets Jefe know that you want the parts installed by an expert before it’s shipped! 

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