The Great Debate: Green Gas vs C02

Blog Title: The Great Debate: Green Gas vs C02 


Blog Introduction: Airsoft is a popular sport that is enjoyed by people all around the world. But for those new to the sport, one of the most common questions is which gas type should be used in their airsoft gun. Should they use green gas or C02? Let’s break down both options. 


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Green gas is a popular choice among airsoft players because it offers great performance and power. It’s a propane-based fuel that gives your gun more power than other fuels, making it an ideal choice for higher-end guns. The main downside to green gas is that it can be expensive since you need to buy more cans of gas regularly. In addition, green gas only works with certain types of guns, and if you have an older model or low-end gun, it may not be compatible. 



C02 is another option for airsoft players who want more power and performance from their guns. Unlike green gas, C02 works with any type of airsoft gun, making it incredibly versatile. In addition to its versatility, C02 also produces higher velocities than other gases so you get more power out of each shot. The downside to using C02 is that it can be harder on your gun due to its high-pressure levels, so you need to make sure your gun can handle the extra wear and tear before using C02 as your fuel source. 



Choosing between green gas and C02 for your airsoft gun can seem like a daunting task at first. But once you understand what each type offers — and what downsides they have — then you will be better equipped to make an informed decision about which fuel source is best for you and your gun. So do some research and take the time to learn more about both types of gases before deciding which one will give you the best performance in your airsoft games!

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