About Jefe


Well allow me to start off by providing some basic background information, My name is Jeff but I go by Jefe (Spanish for boss). I recently graduated from Clarkson University. I have a B.S. in Engineering and Business. I first started off by buying and selling airsoft online in forums. The business was going great for me but the one thing that bothered me was how toxic people can be. While this was all happening I was growing my youtube channel in the background.


 Eventually, my channel exploded in popularity. Since I was able to generate such a large social presence I decided to start my own discord server. The main goal of my server, and other actions in the community, was to further my mission. I was so fed up with toxic members of the community on various platforms I made it my objective to spread positivity in the airsoft community.  With that goal in mind, I founded my discord on some basic principles that I still strive to uphold today. First and foremost, I wanted to be welcoming to newer and less experienced players. I've seen time and time again new players get put down and belittled by experienced and knowledgeable players. This is known as 'gate keeping' and I won't tolerate that. I want my server to be a positive place for players to learn and connect with other members. Second, I wanted to create a safe space for everyone. Unfortunately,  I've seen too much bullying and hate in the community as well. 


With my Discord acting as my own micro-community in the airsoft world I gained tons of support and friends along the way. Since I haven't had much luck selling in Discord I decided it was time to start my own website, Jefe's Airsoft Solutions. I kept in mind that there were many large competitors out there. My goal with the store isn't to grow and beat the competition. I give the utmost respect and customer service to anyone and everyone. I do my best to go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience. I also make it a personal experience. The big stores have salespeople, and marketing people, and whole teams of people. But at Jefe's the name has a face. I provide a personal experience that the big stores just cannot provide. Not to mention I am easy to contact! I take the store experience to a personal level; as if it were just buying from a friend. My prices and service reflect that. I want the best equipment to be accessible to the newer players and players who don't have the budget to get the top-shelf gear. Eventually, I am going to start donating to charities that make a difference in people's lives. It is still in the works and once the store has paid off its start-up costs there will be a margin to set aside from each sale that I can donate.

Best Regards,


CEO of Jefe's Airsoft Solutions 

P.S here is my youtube page if you haven't check it out already.

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