How to Get your Friends to Play Airsoft

Convincing Your Friends to Try Airsoft: A Guide
Blog Introduction: If you’ve recently discovered the world of airsoft and can’t wait to share it with your friends, you’re not alone. Airsoft offers an exciting way to get together and play outdoors. However, convincing your friends to try it out might be a bit daunting. Here’s how you can convince your friends to give airsoft a shot and join in on the fun. If you need more proverbial ammunition then consider checking out this helpful article: Airsoft is for Everyone.

The First Step is Education
Before you can convince your friends that airsoft is worth trying, it helps if they understand what it is exactly. Consider checking out our helpful articles/guides on airsoft. Start by telling them about the basics of airsoft—it’s a sport where players shoot at each other using replica guns that shoot plastic pellets and the blasters look realistic. Just like call of duty, you can design your own loadout! Check out our great selection of airsoft blasters to get started. Explain why airsoft is so much fun—it has all the excitement of paintball without the mess. It gets you active and engages you. Give examples of some of the scenarios you might encounter while playing, such as capture the flag or team deathmatch. Come play with us at our beginner friendly events and open play!


Show Them What They're Missing
Once they have a basic understanding of what airsoft is, show them what they’re missing out on by sharing pictures or videos from recent games you played in. Seeing first-hand how much fun everyone has in these games will be a great incentive for them to give it a try themselves. We offer events once a month friendly for all skill levels. You could even offer to take them along with you when you go next time so they don’t feel like they are going into something completely new and unknown. Check out our social media to see what a blast airsoft can be!

Bribe Them With Gear
Let's face it—one of the best parts about playing any kind of sport is getting new gear! Offering to buy your friends some protective gear for their first game (and maybe even their own gun) can be enough to entice them into giving airsoft a chance. Check out this helpful review on the best starter AEG to help them get into the game without raking the bank! After all, who doesn't like getting free stuff? And if they really enjoy their first game, encourage them to invest in some more advanced gear like scopes, tactical vests, extra mags and more! Tell them that having the right gea and using the best ammo everything more enjoyable! Check out our Elite Performance Airsoft BBs and click here to learn which weight BB is best for you. 

Playing airsoft is one of the most thrilling sports around today—but only if your friends join in on the action! With these tips, you should have no problem convincing your friends to give this awesome activity a shot and see what all the fuss is about. The next time someone asks “what should we do this weekend?” make sure that “airsofting” is at the top of your list! Let's get out there and start slinging some plastic!


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