Investing in the Best Mid-Caps for Airsoft

Blog Title: Investing in the Best Mid-Caps for Airsoft

Blog Introduction: If you’re an airsoft enthusiast and you’ve been looking for a mid-cap magazine that will make your gaming experience even better, look no further! PTS EPM and EMP1s are two of the best mid-caps on the airsoft market. Read on to find out why these mags are so popular and why investing in one or both is worth your while.

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What is a Mid-Cap Magazine?
Let’s start by briefly explaining what a mid-cap magazine is. Unlike high-capacity magazines, which hold up to 1500 rounds, mid-cap magazines hold around 100 to 300 rounds. While they don’t offer as much capacity as their high-capacity counterparts, they are much more reliable and provide more consistent firing performance. They also don’t rattle like high capacity magazines do when empty, making them ideal for stealthy gaming situations.


Pictured above a PTS EMP in FDE

Why PTS EPM & EMP1s Are the Best Mid-Caps
PTS EPM and EMP1s are two of the most popular mid-caps on the market today. Both magazines are made from tough polymer construction that can take a beating and still keep performing like new. They have low profiles to reduce weight and bulkiness when carrying multiple mags at once, while also offering quick reload times with minimal effort required. Additionally, both mags feature anti tilt followers that help promote smooth feeding of ammo into the gun without any jams or misfires. Finally, they come in several colors that make it easy to identify each magazine during gameplay – no more guessing which mag belongs to which gun! Shop all PTS here to find the right magazine for you! 

The EPM1 series mags have a fuel gage to show the user how many bbs are left in the magazine. 

If you’re an airsoft enthusiast looking for reliable mid cap magazines that won't let you down during intense gaming moments, PTS EPM and EMP1s are the way to go! Not only do they offer excellent performance but they also come with features such as anti tilt followers, tough polymer construction and low profiles for easy carrying — all at an affordable price point too! So if you're ready to upgrade your airsoft game, give these mags a try - you won't be disappointed!

ANd of course no magazine in complete without some quality ammo! Shop our very own Elite Performance Airsoft BBs today.


If you want to reload your mid caps with ease, then check out the ODIN M12 speed loader. Load your mags in SECONDS! 

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