Is the Action Army AAP-01 Good?

Is the Action Army AAP-01 Good?

Long Story Short, Yes the AAP-01 is good.

When it comes to choosing an airsoft gun, players often find themselves overwhelmed by the myriad of options available. Among these, the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback (GBB) stands. This article will explore whether the AAP-01 is a good choice for airsoft enthusiasts and compare it with some top-tier products from Jefe Airsoft.

Design and Build Quality

The Action Army AAP-01 features a sleek design inspired by the Ruger Mark IV. Its polymer frame ensures a lightweight yet durable construction, making it a favorite among players who prioritize mobility without sacrificing sturdiness. The metal bolt adds to its realism and durability, creating a well-balanced firearm that feels good in the hand.


Performance is where the AAP-01 truly shines. It offers excellent accuracy and a consistent rate of fire, thanks to its efficient GBB system. The adjustable hop-up allows for fine-tuning, enhancing precision, especially in long-range engagements.

Customization Options

Customization is a significant selling point for the AAP-01. It supports a vast range of aftermarket parts, allowing players to personalize their blasters to suit their play style. From custom uppers to precision barrels and enhanced trigger kits, the possibilities are endless.

Jefe Airsoft offers a variety of customizable options, shop all AAP-01 Upgrades

Above is the Purple Ore Prebuild we have for sale.


Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your airsoft blaster in peak condition. The AAP-01 is relatively easy to disassemble and clean, which is a huge plus for those who frequently use their weapon in intense skirmishes. We also offer a Mail in Repair and Upgrade service, making it convenient for players to keep their AAP-01 in top shape without having to do the maintenance and upgrading themselves.


Magazine Compatibility

The AAP-01 is compatible with a wide range of magazines, including those from other TTI. This versatility is beneficial for players who already own multiple types of magazines. Blew you'll find the most popular 26rd Light Weight Mag from TTI.


One of the most appealing aspects of the AAP-01 is its affordability. It offers excellent value for money, providing high-end features at a mid-range price. This makes it accessible to a broad audience, from newcomers to seasoned veterans.

Pros and Cons

Action Army AAP-01 Pros:

  1. Lightweight and durable design
  2. Excellent performance and accuracy
  3. Vast customization options
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Affordable price
  6. Extreme Aftermarket Support

Action Army AAP-01 Cons:

  1. Polymer frame may not appeal to everyone
  2. Some users report issues with stock parts breaking

Overall Assessment

The Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB is undoubtedly a solid choice for airsoft enthusiasts looking for a versatile, high-performance gun that won't break the bank. Its blend of design, performance, and customization options make it a standout in the airsoft community.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, check out the latest from Jefe Airsoft and discover the perfect gear for your next skirmish.

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