Operation Clean House 2 Tutorials

Operation Clean House 2 Tutorials

We're thrilled to announce the details for our upcoming Operation Clean House 2 event on September 2nd. This game is set to be one of our most exciting yet, and we can't wait to see all of you there! 

First things first, let's talk about the rules. In this game, a successful defusal of the bonus objective does not indicate a win or game end. The bonus objective can be re-armed and diffused as long as time remains in the round. That's right, folks, the action doesn't stop until the clock runs out!

But remember, it's not just about defusing the bonus objective. Your team will also need to control and maintain as many objectives as possible to rack up those points. Use your Skirmesh game band to scan objectives and respawn. And for those who want to keep track of their progress, link your band to your account to see your name light up on our leaderboard!

Skirmesh Bands

Each player gets their very own Skirmesh game band. This isn't just a band, it's your key to the battlefield. Use it to scan objectives, respawn, and keep the game rolling. But wait, there's more!

Want to see your name in lights? You can choose to link this game band to your account. Why? Because every time you play, your points are tracked. That's right, every move you make, every objective you conquer, contributes to your personal score.

And guess what? Your name could show up on the leaderboard! Imagine the bragging rights - not just playing, but dominating the airsoft scene locally. Now, that's something to talk about!

How to Scan Objectives

In this mission, not only will teams fight for field domination, but they will also have a bonus objective to add another layer of excitement to the game. How will you capture these objectives? It's as simple as a scan! Just walk up to the Skirmesh box and scan it with your band.

Arming Bonus Objectives 

We're introducing a bonus objective to add another layer to the game. In order to arm this objective, a player will need to scan the Skirmes box and hold for 20 seconds until all the lights have turned yellow. Then, you’ll hear a beep, and ticking will start. This signals that the objective is armed and ready to go!

Diffusing the Bonus Objective 

A player will scan their bracelet for 20 seconds until all the lights have turned yellow. You'll hear a beep and the ticking will stop. That's it! You've successfully diffused the bonus objective! See our video for a demonstration. 

Once all the objectives have been armed, teams are ready to fight and take control of the zones. Remember that each team has to protect their own objectives and try to disarm those of the opposing team! Good luck!

Medic a Teammate 

Here's a quick refresher on our medic procedure:

1️⃣ Once hit is called, a teammate brings the red medic pack to the fallen player.

2️⃣ The fallen player scans their bracelet once to initiate the revive, then counts to 15 before scanning the bracelet again.

3️⃣ If the lights turn green, voilà! The player has been fully revived.

4️⃣ If the lights don’t turn green after 15 seconds, that means the team is out of revives and that player is, unfortunately, out of the game.

Remember, every player counts, so use your revives wisely!


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