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What to bring to an Airsoft game

I'm sure a few of you are wondering what you need to play airsoft or what you should have.

Keep in mind that this is a hobby and your gear is an expression of your style. You are free to create any loadout YOU want to. Other may not like it or it's not the high end gear but that is perfectly fine! Be you and enjoy it, it is just agame.

I have put together a loadout and gear set that is perfect for novice and advanced players

Now the most important aspect of any loadout is eye protection! Protect your precious eyes, get a solid pair of full seal eye pro like these Spy Optic Shield ANSI Z87.1 Goggles. Offering interchangeable lenses, adjustable head strap, and full seal protection these goggles are the solution you are looking for.

Next, let's talk gear! 

A plate carrier is an excellent asset to any loadout. It offer basic protection against high fps airsoft shots, close range shots, and any other painful shot you can think of. But that's just an added bonus! The whole point of airsoft is to shoot right? S0 why limit yourself to just one magazine? Running a plate carrier in game will allow you to carry essential items for plastic combat, specifically extra magazines. Sling as much ammo as you can carry am I right, and with a plate carrier you may just carry more than your opponents. 

Generally speaking you'll only need to carry a couple magazines with you during public casual play. But if you are going to an event like a milsim you may want to carry some other things with you. Check out some intense milsim footage here and see this gear in action!

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