Gas Power Airsoft- What is the best kind?

 What type of Gas Should I use? Co2 vs. Green Gas vs. Propane

    • A majority of players use co2 as the gas for their airsoft. Some of the advantages to using co2 are; no smell, non flammable, it works colder weather, it offer more consistent shots, more readily available, and is easier to use. Some of the disadvantages of co2 are: it is more expensive over time, may cause the device to have a higher FPS over the limit, a dry gas so frequent maintenance is a must, and more waste with the used co2 cartridges.  


    • Green gas is the next most popular gas used. It it important to know that green gas is propane with the addition of lubricants and the subtraction of the mercaptan (the oder agent in propane). Some advantages of green gas are: no smell, less waste with higher volume cans, not as expensive, and incorporated lubricant to keep it running smoothly so maintenance is not needed as frequent but still necessary. Some disadvantages of green gas are; do not work in colder temperatures,  flammable, not always consistent shots, only able to buy at select areas. 


    • Propane is another option that players use. it is important that you understand this refers to the camping size containers. Some advantages of using propane are; easy to find at local stores since it is a camping/cooking/hardware product, less waste with higher volume cans, and not as expensive. Some disadvantages of using propane are; flammable, potent smell, you need to buy an adaptor to add silicone oil or else the gas will have the same effect as co2 with drying out your device.