March Mayhem Live Tournament Information

When: March 4th, be there at Noon to check in and Chrono.

Where: Legion Airsoft Academy 1000 Savage Ct, Longwood, FL 32750 

Once everyone has been checked in and chrono'd we will do a safety meeting.

Jefe's Airsoft Solutions will introduce the teams and where they are from. We are all about building the community and the best way to do that is to show our appreciation to all attendees and allow them to network.

Information is subject to change. The final amount of teams will determine the final bracket. There will be as many play off rounds as needed. 

View the full rule set here

Last Updated 3/4/23 4:44

Live Tournament Information


Round 1 Round 2 Play Off Round 1 Play Off Round 2 Ranking
2 v 5 2 v  7 5v10 5v6

first place

team 5

7 v 6 9 v 6 2v6 2 v  5

second place 

team 2

9 v 4 10 v 5 9v5  third place team 6
10 v X 4 v X
10 v 4

Teams and Points 

Team Wins/Losses Team Name
2 WWWL Last Stand Airsoft
4 LL Out 3 players 
5 LWWWW Obey 1
6 WWLL Out Obey 2
7 LL Out The Saints
9 WLL Out Shoot 2 Kill
10 LWL Out Midnight Marauders