Operation Hades- Staff Packet

Check in SOP

  1. Customer must present all applicable waivers 
  2. Customers must present an email with order confirmation and order number. 

Once 1 and 2 are complete, hand player packet to customer according to corresponding order number. 

In packet:

  • Event wristband with player number written on 
  • Event patch 
  • Advertise social medias
  • Store coupons 
  • Other applicable items 

Chrono SOP

  1. Player presents Device to staff 
  2. Staff inspects to confirm it is an AIRSOFT gun
  3. Staff loads event bbs into mag of device
  4. Staff shoots 5 bbs through chronograph**

** if green gas, fill mag. If co2, needs to be brand new**

  1. Chronograph reading must comply with event requirements. 
  2. If the device meets requirements, staff will attach a “pass color” zip tie to a fixed part of the device. 
  3. If the device fails to meet requirements, staff will attach a “fail color” zip tie to a fixed part of the device. Take a photo of the device, hand the device back to the customer and inform them the device is not playable. 

Staff positions Zombie Specific:

-field Refs 2 (field set up)

-admin players 2 (chrono) 

-check in/support 1 (Cheyenne)

-Support 1(floater)

-video/media 1

-Cheyenne (check in, Staff manager), Jeff (operations, store)

Job Duties:

All positions will help with set up and clean up. 

Field Refs- basic field referee to enforce rules, encourage players, keep the flow/spirit  of the game, set up field props, chrono guns. 

Admin Players- all duties of field ref, focus is to direct their assigned group as the CO, control the flow of the game by directing their troops to mitigate Stalemates and low points. 

Check in- stationed at registration the duties are to Efficiently register players and direct flow of traffic. As well as the first line of uniform/gear check. 

Support- will be assigned to areas in need. Reasonably able to do all jobs. 

Video/media- record content with given equipment as well as personal equipment. Record during play and other key moments. Additional funds will be awarded for creation of playable content for social media


Set Up delegation: 

Refs will set up chrono station and ensure they have all the equipment. BBs, loader, working chrono, zip ties, zip tie cutters.

Admin Players will set up field props. Set up ammo caches, disperse supply creates, check field for hazards.

Check in will prepare materials and area needed for check in. Bin with all player packets in numerical order. List of order #'s to cross out when checked in, waiver and pens to hand out, stash extra operating supplies near. 

Support will be more focused on helping the vendor table be set up and the check in area secure. Then going where is needed. 

For clean up, the areas are the same.