What is the Best Battery for Airsoft?

What battery do people use? Lipo vs. NiMH 


  • a majority of players said they use an 11.1v lipo battery. 
  • 9.6v batteries are a good starting battery. They offer more power than the standard 8.4v battery that many beginner devices come with. All without the hassle of lipo batteries. 
  • Above are results from a poll taken from airsofters on Youtube



    Lipo Battery Basics

     Lithium-Ion Polymer, A.K.A Lipo, batteries are the most popular and recommended battery for airsoft. These batteries have a longer duration and higher capacity than NiMH batteries. When deciding to use a Lipo, make sure your airsoft is rated to use such a battery. Most current and newer models are coming out with "lipo ready" gearboxes. If you see that in the description then you are good to go.

     An important thing to note about Lipo batteries is the potential danger they have. Being a higher energy source they have can be harmful and even lethal if used incorrectly. To not die or burn yourself make sure to always follow these nonnegotiable rules of Lipos. 

    • Use the correct charger
    • Use a Lipo battery bag when charging and transporting
    • Do not leave unattended while charging 
    • Never fully deplete the battery    

    The likelihood of the batteries exploding or causing fires is very slim. As long as you follow these rules you are eliminating the already small chances that something happening. 


    NiMH Battery Basics

         NiMH stands for Nickel Metal Hydride. These are common in the airsoft world and a reliable choice. NiMH batteries can hold their charge consistently and are durable. If used properly they can last a couple of years. The popularity of NiMH batteries has decreased gradually as many new generations of airsoft are being built with better internals and materials. Having better quality inside parts means more durability and can handle more stress. NiMH batteries are great and consistent with power supply but don't have as much voltage or power. This is why the airsoft world is moving towards Lipo batteries because they can offer better performance for your airsoft. When handling your NiMH battery it is important not to drain it completely every time. These batteries can discharge on their own and higher temperatures exacerbate the discharge rate. 

         Another downside to NiMH batteries is the charge time. It is important to charge it slowly and keep the temperature of the battery down. Charging too fast will heat the batteries and damage them. If your battery gets too hot, unplug it and allow it to cool down before you reconnect it to the charger. On a good note, NiMH batteries do not suffer from a common issue its predecessor was subject to. The batteries before NiMH would "remember" the last time it was discharged and only charge up to hold enough juice to run out at that level it was previously depleted too. NiMH batteries will charge to full each time so you have nothing to worry about. 


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