Operation Hades- Survival Guide

Operation Hades- Survival Guide


Here is a quick and dirty list of all the info you need to know about Operation Hades. 

If you don’t feel like reading or want to skip the chrono line… browse the Operation Hades collection to shop allowable devices and gear for the event! The order deadline is October 5th if you want to pick up at the event or have it delivered before hand. 

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Weapon Restrictions  

This event is meant to provide as much immersion possible while creating a challenging and intense experience. That is why we chose to restrict survivors to Pistols and Shotguns only. Additionally no HPA powered devices will be allowed either. 









If you need to order an airsoft pistol or shotgun the deadline will be October 5th  if you want to pick up the device at the event or have it delivered to your front door. Jefes Airsoft Solutions has a wide selection of options so stock up now! Click here to browse Pre-Approved equipment. You can skip the chrono with proof of purchase with any device from this collection!

Ammo Restriction 

All survivors will be limited to ~100 bbs to start. You are allowed to bring green gas, and co2 with you on the field. You cannot bring speed loaders or reserve bbs. 

There will be a couple ammo creates with speed loaders scattered around the AO. Think of these like the mystery box in Call of Duty Zombies. They will be in exposed areas so reloading won’t be easy, it requires cooperation with the other survivors to cover each other and take turns reloading. 

Gear Requirement

This is no ordinary airsoft event where you dress up as a full blown operator and match your color camo to your faction. No, this is a survival event. You play as yourself if you were caught up in a zombie apocalypse on your way home from your the mall.

All survivors are required to have:

1) Two colored flags, deas rags, or hancersheifs

2) One ace bandage or tourniquet. 

This means NO  full camo outfits allowed. You are allowed to bring gear to play in, as if you scavenged the gear off fallen soldiers and militia. So helmets, plate carriers, gloves, all that are more than welcome. 

Jefes Airsoft Solutions will have a selection of allowable gear you can pick up to enhance your gameplay! Shop Pre-Approved Gear Here.

Revives and Respawns

Survivors are limited to 1 revive. If one or more of your flags gets pulled out you are considered downed. You have 2 minutes to be revived by any survivor. If you bleed out you are now a zombie! You can either instantly animate or walk to zombie spawn. 

Zombies get unlimited lives. If you are shot as a zombie you drop to the ground with your dead rag. Wait 60 seconds to reanimate or just walk back to zombie spawn! 

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