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Operation Hades Event Ticket

Operation Hades Event Ticket

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Heavily Inspired by "Z" at Ballahack Airsoft Jefe Airsoft Events presents to you “Operation Hades”

We are creating a mass zombie horde panic experience by setting up a multi-phase scenario that rotates survivors into zombie role-player roles for a small portion of the event.  A survivor will be required to be a zombie for 1 hour and 20 min of the event while slaying zombies for the rest of the event.

 Each survivor will be limited to a small amount of ammo to start each phase and must rely on finding supply cases during gameplay to increase their ammunition supplies.  This adds a whole new factor to the survival objectives and increases the effectiveness and threat of the zombies. 

See the complete Player info Packet here 

When: October 15, 2022 from 5pm to 9:30pm. Be there early to check-in.


All players must have two DEAD RAGS, Bright Color Hanceffies, or bandanas

 AND one Ace Bandage/Tourniquet.

You will not be allowed to play otherwise. There will be a limited supply at the vendor table for sale if you do not have one. 


Shop Pre-Approved gear here

Ticket Classes:

Waste land survivors will be cut into two groups. Group A and B.  A gets to be survivors first and B zombies first. 

Press/Media admission will not participate in the event as a zombie or survivor. This admission class is for people who want to film the event or have a film personal. They must wear bright clothing and follow all eye/face protection rules. Press/Media class can roam freely during the sessions and film.

Zombie Only is just as it sounds. This admission class will be a zombie all day in both sessions. Perks- cheaper ticket, double raffle entry.


Survive. Those skilled enough to fend off the zombies and survive the whole phase will be awarded a Survivor Prize. In the final 5 minutes of play, the refs will determine a safe zone that all survivors need to head to. There will be a “nuke” and anyone not in the safe zone will be eliminated. 

There will be loot crates scattered around the AO. At the end of the phase, the survivor who has a loot crate will turn it in to the ref to redeem their ultimate survivor prize  


These crates are limited and only the person holding it earns the prize. Be careful, anyone can steal it from you.  This is free for all after all. What will you do to survive?

Ammo Crates- will have bbs and loaders for reloading. Do not count as points. Ammo crates are fixed in place and cannot be moved. There will be a couple of speed loaders in the ammo crates you can use to quickly load your mags. These speed loaders must stay within 2 feet of the ammo crate. 

War crimes will be a warning on the first offense and immediate removal from the event if continued.

Your email confirmation will be your ticket. You do not have to print the email if you can show it from your phone at check-in with a matching ID. Your Order Number will be your raffle entry. ONE TICKET PER PERSON PER ORDER. 

Tickets are non-transferable or refundable. 

All players must have two DEAD RAGS, Bright Color Hanceffies, or bandanas

AND one Ace Bandage/Tourniquet.

See the complete Player info Packet here to learn about uniform restrictions and required gear. As well as other important information.
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