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180% recoil & Air nozzle spring

180% recoil & Air nozzle spring

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AAP-01 180% Performance recoil & Air nozzle spring

Are you looking to get the most out of your AIRSOFT AAP-01? We have just the thing for you! Introducing our ultra-premium AAP-01 180% Recoil & Air Nozzle Spring.

This upgraded spring system is guaranteed to provide maximum performance. It replaces stock springs, helping your BBs feed at faster speeds with a snappy bolt back, allowing for highly accurate and quick follow-up shots. Your enemies won't know what hit them!

This system was expertly designed to give you an enhanced gaming experience unlike any other. With increased strength springs and the advanced Bolt, as well as the Heat Gradient  Bolt or the Advanced Bolt, completing the package, this product is bound to maximize your Airsoft party play or serious competition-level performance. Whether indoors or outdoor shooting range, this system will give you every advantage possible!

So don’t wait! Get yours today and take your airsoft game up a notch with a level of power, accuracy and speed unparalleled anywhere else! The AAP-01 180% Recoil & Air Nozzle Springs are ready to provide you with unbeatable performance – fast!

  • Material: Music Spring Wire (SWP-A)
    Origin: Japan
    Package Contents : 

  • Performance recoil *1pcs (Wire diameter : 0.600 MM)
    Air nozzle spring *1pcs (Wire diameter : 0.400 MM)

This spring set comes with two recoil springs, the silver is meant to be used on stock bolts and the black spring is meant to be paired with the CTM TAC Ultralight Bolt. All springs in this kit are at 180% the strength of the stock springs.


The new kits will only come with one upgrades recoil spring since the new CTM bolts work with all springs now. 

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