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Jefe Customs presents to you a preset build list that you can order and have built for you! or if you like the challenge you can have the parts sent unassembled! 

This custom builds name is the “Bronze Badger” since it was custom made for your favorite youtuber 6mm Badger! 

The following parts were hand-picked for peak performance: 

- Tan AAP-01 $99.99

- TTI Bronze Carbine Kit $222.22

-CNC Magwell Black $38

- TTI Adjustable Trigger RED $27

- Selector Charging handle, short stroke kit RED $56.99

-200mm 6.03 tight bore inner barrel $28

-valken mock suppressor $28

- Glock 50rd extended mag green gas

- Dytac SLR 3” mlock hand guard $75 

- G&P cqb folding stock $75 

-Labor for installation a $40, FREE


Expect longer processing times to allow for the assembly and testing of the build. If you'd like to change colors or parts of this build list please contact Jefe directly on any social media, email info@jefesairsoftsolutions.com, or by simply opening the chat function on the bottom right corner of the screen!

Only parts stated in the list are included, unless agreed upon otherwise