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Keystone Cappa Cutoms

AAP01 Screw Replacement Kit

AAP01 Screw Replacement Kit

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Are your existing screws all worn out? Don't worry, we've got you covered with the AAP01 Screw Replacement Kit! This ultimate DIY kit contains everything you need to repair or upgrade your screws, adding durability and precision to your AAP-01. Trust us, even professionals couldn't be happier!

We've included 3 Trigger Housing Screws to make sure no part of your weapon is left untouched. We also added 2 Rear Sight Screws and 1 magically crafted Front Sight screw so that everything looks perfect. No project will ever be complete without our fabulous Nozzle Block Screws & 4 CTM Grip Screws in the mix. To top it all off, we threw in 2 Bottom Hop Up Screws & 2 Side Hop Up Screws for extra convenience when installing.

Make the switch from worn-out screws and jump into a world of superior quality today! With our AAP01 Screw Replacement Kit, there'll be no turning back - only happy endings for your project!


3 Trigger Housing Screws

2 Rear Sight Screws

1 Front Sight screw

2 Nozzle Block Screws

4 CTM Grip Screws

2 Bottom Hop Up Screws

2 Side Hop Up Screws 

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