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APX Blast Kit

APX Blast Kit

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Introducing the SR-APX-CP Compensator for Blaster trace unit! This amazing piece of technology is only compatible with the SR-AX-01 kit, and it fits perfectly with a length=110mm extended barrel and Flaming Pig Blaster (L=82mm. / D=35mm.) or ACETECH blaster (L=76mm. / D=32mm.), making it easy to use and versatile.

This compensator is built from cutting-edge technology which works hard to ensure that your blaster trace unit is firing smoothly and accurately with each shot! Its sleek design ensures you won’t have any bulky add-ons while still providing maximum performance results. And if feeling fashionable while taking out your competition is essential, then you’ll be glad to hear just how stylish this compensator looks too!

So why wait? Step up your blaster game today with the SR-APX-CP Compensator for Blaster Trace Unit! You’ll feel the difference in performance right away, and look good doing it. Don't miss out on the chance to become a PRO blaster - get yours today!

SR-APX-CP (FITS to SR-APX-01 kit only!)

Compensator for Blaster trace unit.

Fits with SCAR (Length=110mm. )extended barrel +Flaming pig blaster(L=82mm. / D=35mm.) or ACETECH blaster (L=76mm. /D=32mm.)

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