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Maple Leaf

Decepticons Hop-Up Bucking 50 Degree

Decepticons Hop-Up Bucking 50 Degree

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Maple Leaf Decepticons Hop-Up Bucking for WE-Tech/Tokyo Marui Gas Guns (Type: 50 Degree)

Get ready to level up your gun with this high-performance bucking specifically designed for gas guns. Rocking a slightly narrow entrance for an improved seal and increased power output, C-Clip enhanced lip stiffness, and special pressure point geometry, you'll have improved long range accuracy and greater control when firing. Perfectly suitable for Marui/KJ GBB Pistols or VSR10 compatible air cocking rifles and most importantly for old style WE-Tech gas blowback pistol or rifle models. It's compatible with FPS from 210 to 360; its hardness is 50 degree so you can enjoy realistic action without breaking your wallet. Step up your game with the Maple Leaf Decepticons Hop-Up Bucking; be one step ahead of the competition!


  • Slightly narrow entrance for better sealing to achieve more consistent power output
  • C-Clip to enhance lip stiffness for further sealing
  • Special pressure point geometry for improved long range performance
  • Suitable for Marui / KJ GBB Pistols and VSR-10 compatible air cocking rifles
  • Compatible with old style WE-Tech gas blowback pistol or rifles

FPS compatibility: Up to 360 FPS
Hardness: 50 degree

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