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The Real Deal

DSG Tappet Plate

DSG Tappet Plate

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Real Deal DSG Tappet Plate

Version 2 Tappet Plate from SHS

Modified by Jake aka “ Real Deal “himself  😁   to feed and cycle perfectly with the SHS DSG gear sets available on the website.

Each individual Tappet Plate has been fitted inside a gearbox ( Retro GB ) to ensure the tappet plate releases before the Piston does. I hand modify each tappet plate fin personally.

The Piston used in the test is the Real Deal Performance Piston Assembly. It is recommended to use an AOE corrected Piston to avoid Pre mature engagement.

Real Deal Super Tappet Springs are highly recommended for the product to work flawless

For DSG, Tappet Return springs need modification in order to increase spring tension which would allow for the tappet plate and nozzle to return forward fast enough to keep up with the wicked fast cycle rate. It is a pain in the ass to do this, spare your thumbs and grab a pack of Real Deal Super Tappet Springs available into the website  

This part is necessary for any V2 DSG build.

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