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FUKU-2 CNC UPPER - SKELETON - Electroplating style

FUKU-2 CNC UPPER - SKELETON - Electroplating style

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AAP-01/C FUKU-2 CNC UPPER - SKELETON - Electroplating style

AP-01/C FUKU-2 CNC UPPER - SKELETON - Electroplating style
Material : 6061 Aluminum.
Color : EGD,ERB
Weight : 130 g

Package Contents : 
CNC Upper *1
CNC Bucket *1
CNC Cover *1
CNC Front sight *1
CNC Rear sight *1
CNC RMR Riser *1 (50.5mm*28.3mm*3.0mm) (for more Red-dot options)
CNC RMR Mount Decorative Cover *1
Green fiber (2mm*60mm) *2
Stainless steel Hex Socket Flat Head Cap Screws : 
m2.5x4 *1
m3x5 *6
m3x8 *6

Features : 
1. New lighter and stronger design.
2. Reinforced screw hole design to ensure higher strength and tighter tolerance.
3. Forward mounted RMR and improved iron sights allow for a better and more accurate sight picture.
4. Cross compatibility for outer barrels (buckets) between original Fuku-2 and Fuku-2 Skeleton
5. Wider hop-up compatibility allows for the use of TDC, Rotary, and standard hop-up units.
6. Rear sight redesigned dimensions to ensure a more structurally sound fit”.

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