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FUKU-2 Silver Cutout

FUKU-2 Silver Cutout

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AAP-01 FUKU-2 CNC UPPER SET - Long Cut out Version

Introducing the AAP-01 FUKU-2 CNC UPPER SET: the quintessential addition to any airsoft player's setup. The unique parts included can be individually customized, and combined with your existing accessories to make your gun something truly special. The durable 6061 aluminum ensures durability, while the variety of colors - Black, Silver, Red, Champagne Gold, and Green - ensure there's something for all tastes. And at just 194.9g in weight, you won't be weighed down by your stylish new upper set! Included in the package are a CNC Upper, CNC Decorative Inner Body, CNC Cover, CNC Front Sight, CNC Rear Sight, Green Fiber (2mm*60mm), plus stainless steel hex socket flat head cap screws including m2.5 x 8; m3x5 and m3x8 for easy installation. Add a splash of style to your airsoft arena with AAP-01 FUKU-2 CNC UPPER SET today - you won't regret it!

  • AAP-01 FUKU-2 CNC UPPER SET - Long General Version
    Material : 6061 Aluminum.
    Color : Black, Silver, Red, Champagne gold, Green
    Weight : 194.9g

    Package Contents : 
    CNC Upper *1
    CNC Decorative inner body *1
    CNC Cover *1
    CNC Front sight *1
    CNC Rear sight *1
    Green fiber (2mm*60mm) *3
    Stainless steel Hex Socket Flat Head Cap Screws : 
    m2.5x8 *1
    m3x5 *2
    m3x8 *2

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