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Cow Cow

Hammer Housing

Hammer Housing

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AAP01 SS Hammer Housing

Looking to add a bit of brawn and finesse? Then CowCow's hammer housing is just the thing for you! This upgrade - especially recommended if running HPA- adds both superior durability and an unparalleled trigger pull, so your airsoft gun can handle any mission with ease. The AAP01 SS Hammer Housing is a must-have for any serious Airsofter. Plus, it's affordable and incredibly easy to install! Get yours today and take your game to the next level! 

Highlighted features
Fully CNC Stainless Steel Construction
Enhance and smoothen the hammer & slide action, also improve durability.
The strengthened structure can bear with the stronger hammer hit. 
For Action Army AAP01

Careful assembly is key for any airsoft gun owner! Ensure you've got the expertise or get a trusted pro to help. With regular maintenance and useful advice from an experienced technician, your weapon will be in tip-top condition. Don't forget: strong screw glue should always be used when installing parts - it'll keep those screws secure overnight, preventing damage down the line. Jefe's Airsoft Solutions offers a complimentary installation service when upgrades are purchased with any AAP-01!  Interested in our mail-in service? Message us in the chat box of the bottom right to learn more! 

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