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Mystery Build

Mystery Build

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AAP-01 Mystery Build

Ode to the brave. To the indecisive. To the big spender. To you, an airsofter looking to take the leap of faith and change their game forever. With the AAP-01 Mystery Build, you will certainly shake things up. Get a completely built and expertly tested custom blaster, or a box of parts to assemble yourself, all with the click of a button. Don't waste time changing colors, sifting through hundreds of parts, body styles, accessories, etc. It can be overwhelming to wonder which parts are compatible and which ones are worth putting in the extra money for. Here at Jefe's Airsoft Solutions, we have taken all of that into consideration so you can get the best of both worlds - top performance and value. So what're you waiting for? Get yours today and dominate on the field tomorrow. 

Introducing the 5 Different Levels of Builds:

1. Budget Build

Our Budget Build offers an affordable entry point into upgrading your airsoft arsenal. It's perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their game without breaking the bank. Despite its affordable price, this build doesn't compromise on quality, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

In this level build you can expect to see around $60 worth of upgrades. Perhaps a new trigger or charging handle among other smaller upgrades. 

2. Basic Build

The Basic Build is designed for players who are ready to step up their game. With enhanced components and performance upgrades, this build provides a solid foundation for improving your gameplay. Whether you're honing your skills or engaging in local matches, the Basic Build offers reliability and value.

In this level build you can expect to see around $100 worth of upgrades. Perhaps a new trigger  and Stainless Steel Trigger Spring or a new CTM Grip and Side panels.

3. Baller Build

Step into the spotlight with our Baller Build level, tailored for airsoft enthusiasts who demand precision and style. This build incorporates advanced features and customization options, allowing you to stand out on the field while enjoying top-tier performance. Elevate your presence in the airsoft community with the Baller Build.

In this level build you can expect to see around $200 worth of upgrades. Perhaps a new Bolt and Nozzle Spring, a new CTM Grip and Side panels or a new CTM Hammer Set.

4. Baddie Build

Unleash your competitive spirit with the Baddie Build, engineered for players who seek dominance. This build combines cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship to give you the edge in intense airsoft skirmishes. From speed to accuracy, the Baddie Build amplifies your capabilities.

In this level build you can expect to see around $300 worth of upgrades. Perhaps a new Bolt and Nozzle Spring, a new CTM Hammer Set or FUKU Upper among other things.

5. Barbarian Build

For the fearless warriors of airsoft, the Barbarian Build reigns supreme. This top-of-the-line build represents the pinnacle of AAP-01 innovation, delivering unparalleled power, resilience, and adaptability. Dominate the game with the ultimate combination of strength and precision.

In this level build you can expect to see around $500 worth of upgrades. Perhaps a new trigger and Stainless Steel Trigger Spring , a new CTM Hammer Set or hop up buckings and inner barrels accompanied by a plethora of other enhancements. 

Expertly Built

The parts will be assembled so no need to add the Complementary Installation Service to the cart. An expert tech will assemble and test your build before shipping!

Leave us some instructions and preferences you may have in the notes section when you add to your cart! We will do our best to pick the perfect parts just for you! 

Match Any budget with the BOOST option! At a measly $10 a pop you can increase your build level to perfectly match your budget! There is no limit to how many boosts you can add to your order. 

Only buying the boost with no other mystery box will be considered a donation

For any complex builds, you can expect a longer lead time before shipping. Jefe wants to build and test your custom build to make sure it passes inspections before it finds its new home. Images are just examples of past builds and are not representative of the possible outcomes. Builds will vary based on available inventory and customer requests.

The items will come in standard shipping packages. 

 All sales are final. The US only. Refer to Shipping Policy.

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