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The Real Deal

Performance Anti Reverse Latch

Performance Anti Reverse Latch

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Real Deal Performance Anti Reverse Latch

The Real Deal Airsoft Performance Anti-Reverse Latch 

  • CNC Stainless Steel 
  • Reinforced Latch Spring (Stronger than Stock Spring)

The anti-reverse latch is a small part inside of every Airsoft Electric Gearbox. This small part takes on immense stress, and over time it will wear out. 

Have you ever taken a look at your bevel gear, and observed large grooves that run along the middle of the gear? Well, this is exactly where your anti-reverse latch contacts your bevel gear. 

It is the job of the Anti Reverse Latch to prevent your gearset from cycling in the wrong direction, as well your anti-reverse latch is what is responsible for holding your piston back when you are enabling Pre Cocking Features. 

Your Anti Reverse Latch is in use with every single cycle of the gearbox.

Improper performance can occur when your anti-reverse latch and or its spring wear out over time. 

When that happens, or to prevent that from happening, upgrade to The Real Deal Airsoft Performance Anti Reverse Latch.

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