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Planetary Garrison GCW

Planetary Garrison GCW

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Galactic Airsoft Alliance presents Galactic Civil War: Planetary Garrison

This is the first of our regional satellite events hosted by GAA. All pre-registered players will be entered into the pre-game raffle! Pre-registered players will receive a unique chain code that will persist throughout all Galactic Civil War events. They will also receive a credit balance tied to their chain code to exchange for physical credits at the other main GCW events. This event is intended to be an easily accessible entry point for players who are brand new to our series and for veteran returning players alike!

Experience daily military life in a galaxy far far away by joining one of two factions and completing various missions—the scouts of the Rebel Alliance, or troopers of the Imperial Army.

Enlist into the Empire as they attempt to establish a foothold on the forest planet of Knox Prime or join the Rebels as they work to steal data and disrupt Imperial expansion.

This will be an overnight, continuous roleplay event utilizing airsoft for combat. Primitive camping will be available in-game and out-of-game over the weekend.



Uniform Requirments

Walk-on players who don’t meet the uniform requirements of Imperials or Rebels will join the Unaffiliated balancing force and will be provided with a team armband for Rebels or Empire, or they can be issued a loaner costume that we will have on hand. Loaner costumes will be available on a first come first serve basis and based on available sizes.


Uniform: solid matching white, black, OD green, and grey tops and bottoms, solid color flight suits/coveralls of the same color, and or trooper armor of all colors or any other distinct Star Wars Imperial costume (excluding named characters. Please don’t show up dressed as the Emperor, etc). NO EARTH CAMOFLAGE PATTERNS. Solid color vests, belt rigs, and chest rigs.



Uniform: non-matching earth tones top and bottoms, Star Wars Rebel attire, orange jumpsuit (pilots), Wookie fur, Endor camo pattern, and ATACS FG. NO EARTH CAMOFLAGE PATTERNS except ATACS FG. Solid color vests, belt rigs, chest rigs.


Players with costumes that are not distinctly Imperial or Rebel would fall here. Mandalorians, outlaws, bounty hunters etc. For the sake of this event, any unaffiliated player will need to buy a ticket for either Rebels or Empire and fight as a mercenary. Mercenary costumes that also do not fit the faction colors/uniform requirements will also be issued a team armband, (for example: a Mandalorian wearing a solid grey undersuit with black armor would be recognizable as Imperial colors, and may not need an armband, but a Mandalorian wearing all pink wouldn’t be recognizable as either faction).

Event Schedule 


0800-1000 Registration/Chrono

1000-1200 Raffle/briefing/costume workshop

1200-2000 Mission operations

2000-2130 Tracer night battle

2130-0800(next day) In-game RP and camping


0800-1000 (optional) PRT and field chow

1000-1300 Final patrol missions, etc

1300 endex

Important Information

his is not a shoot ‘em up event. You can play regular airsoft any other weekend. This event is a mix of LARP and airsoft with the intent of creating something truly unique. The experience and immersion is better for everyone with the more effort that you put into it!

Full ruleset here


Event Location 

Predator Armory

2925 Williams Rd, Knoxville TN 37932


Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting, and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.


It requires everyone involved to see the bigger picture of creating an incredible experience you can’t get anywhere else. Many trying situations might arise from this game however all players are expected to compose themselves in a mature, friendly manner, even when the game gets intense. Any instances of verbal or physical aggression are grounds for immediate banning from the field.


Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled.  Event tickets are non-transferable.

Rules are subject to changes without notice. 

By purchasing this ticket you agree for Jefes Airsoft Solutions and all its affiliates to film, photograph, and share the content of the event. 

Rules are subject to change without notice.

Jefe's Airsoft Solutions assumes no liability for this event and is only providing a platform for the Host to sell their tickets.

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