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Stainless Steel Nozzle Spring 150%

Stainless Steel Nozzle Spring 150%

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Introducing the Stainless Steel Nozzle Spring 150% from Jefe's Airsoft Solutions - your local airsoft revolutionaries committed to taking your game to new heights! This isn't just any upgrade; it's a testament to our promise of delivering outstanding service and unmatched performance.

Crafted from top-grade ss304 wire, this spring resists corrosion like a champ, offering an impressive strength that can withstand even the fiercest airsoft battles. It's not just a component, it's a game-changer, a story-maker, a win-securer.

Imagine this: your AAP-01, feeding at rates you never thought possible. That's the magic of our 150% Nozzle Spring. With twice the tension of regular springs, it ensures your AAP-01 can feed BBs at faster cycling.


  • SS304 High Grade wire which is a general-purpose stainless alloy typically composed of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. It is the most widely used stainless steel wire because of its high corrosion resistance and good tensile strength
  • Allows the AAP-01 to feed at higher rates of fire.
  • The exact specs as the stock component for easy 1 to 1 swapping

At Jefe's, we're all about community. We believe in the power of local play and the incredible bonds it forms. It's time to play local, play better, and play with the Stainless Steel Nozzle Spring 150%. Get yours now and join the Jefe's family.

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