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The Real Deal



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Real Deal SUPER STRENGTH Tappet Spring Pack of 2

Rated at over 9lbs ! Stock tappet springs are on average 3lbs. The Real Deal Spring is almost 3x of what your stock tappet spring strength is. 

These Springs DO NOT  need to be modified for DSG. The strength is insane and has more than enough lbs of force to bring your nozzle and tappet plate back fast !

Overcome poor tappet plate timing as well as misfeeds.

With larger capacity mid cap magazines (190-250) very often in the beginning of the mag users experience mis feeds as well as the first 15 shots, the bbs would be lobbed 20 feet. This is due to excessive drag and upward force being applied to the nozzle by the tension of the bbs. 

A super strength tappet spring will override that issue, and the nozzle will feed that bb correctly and consistently. 

Achieve an increase in : FPS Consistency / Consistent feeding / as well an increase in pleasure because now you do not have to modify the tappet plate spring for DSG builds! 


That is the real deal! 

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