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Jefe's Airsoft Solutions

Support Mystery Box- Limited Themed Boxes

Support Mystery Box- Limited Themed Boxes

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Add a wild card to your airsoft loadout – grab one of our mystery boxes for an adrenaline-filled surprise! Not only will you breathe new life into your equipment, but you'll be showing support and giving back to the awesome airsoft community. Win-win!

These boxes contain a random assortment of gear and airsoft-related items that will help boost and revive your current setup. They do NOT contain any airsoft guns. 

The Boxes come in 4 levels. Each increasing price and epicness from the last.

Boost - add this to your order with any of these boxes to bring it to the next level. There is no limit to how many boosts you can add to your order. 

Only buying the boost with no other mystery box will be considered a donation

Buying this box supports a small business tremendously. 

These boxes are jam-packed with epic products!  

You get more than you pay for. I promise. 

 - Logo Designed by Phol the Artists 

*These are non-returnable. 

 Some items may not be listed in the store to maintain the surprise. 



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