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Umarex HK MP5 SD6 Competition Series Blaster

Step onto the battlefield with an icon - the legendary HK MP5 SD6 Blaster! This airsoft blaster is a faithful reproduction of the suppressed HK MP5 SMG, a weapon favored by elite counter-terrorism units worldwide. With this in your arsenal, you're not just playing airsoft; you're making a statement.

The HK MP5 SD6 Blaster is packed with features that enhance both its performance and its authenticity. The mock suppressor gives the MP5 SD its iconic look, while the ambidextrous safety and fire control switch cater to both right and left-handed players. The collapsible shoulder stock can be adjusted for comfort and convenience.

But it's not all about looks. This airsoft blaster packs a punch, delivering an impressive 340fps velocity when measured with .20g airsoft BBs, making it ideal for airsoft CQB. To get you started, we've included two hi-cap airsoft magazines with your purchase. Note that the airsoft battery and charger are not included.



  • Legendary suppressed MP5 SMG looks and handling

  • Comes with 2 hi-cap airsoft magazines

  • 340fps velocity (measured with .20g airsoft bbs)

  • Ambidextrous safety and fire control switch

  • Collapsible shoulder stock

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