“Hello everyone my name is Tristan. I have known and been best friends with Jefe since college and am proud to be a core part of the team. I used to play airsoft back in the day from 2012 to about 2014. If you knew or played in the time that I’m talking about, frankly airsoft sucked back then. We were all using spring guns and AEG’s that would often jam. Jefe reintroduced me to a whole new world of airsoft when he told me that he was starting up a company. I was very impressed with the quality of the sport and the improvements that were made since I last played in my friend's backyard in 2014 (middle school). When you shop from Jefe you are not just buying a gun or a part or supplies; you are becoming a part of our community. It is for this reason that I truly believe in Jefe’s mission statement. I was of course a noob once again with no guns, no gear. Then Jefe welcomed me onboard with open arms and explained to me “that’s what it’s all about.” Being at any of Jefes events you automatically know that you are amongst your friends or amigos as we say. Hope to see you there soon… -Thank you! And have a blast!”