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1,000 Round Speed Loader

1,000 Round Speed Loader

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Max Reloader 1,000 Round Airsoft BB Speed Loader

The Max Reloader is a 1,000rd airsoft BB speed loader that works with most M4 mid-cap and low-cap airsoft magazines. This airsoft speed loader comes with a hideaway crank, and allows for ultra fast loading. Their compact size allows the BB loader to fit in a standard double stack M4/M16 magazine pouch. The Max Reloader also has an anti-jamming, overflow clutch, which prevents overloading. We recommend our Valken SMAG 140rd Mid-Cap airsoft magazines for use with this speed loader.

Do NOT use this speed loader to load Hi-cap magazines. For use with Mid-cap magazines ONLY!!!
  • 1, 000 round capacity
  • Compact size
  • Each rotation of the crank loads approx. 10~12 BBs
  • Integrated winding clutch prevents magazine overfilling
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