Collection: Mystery Boxes

Show your commitment to airsoft and make sure you get the best out of it - try these imaginative ways for some awesome solutions!

AAP-01 Mystery Build Boxes are exciting ways to spice up your game.  Craft and blast with ease! Get a custom-built and expertly tested blaster that fits your needs without hassle, or opt for a box of parts to assemble as per your liking - all a click away. No more faffing about, shuffling through endless colors, hundreds of parts, intricate body styles, and accessories. 

Support Mystery Boxes are usually available for sale. They contain gear and accessories to support your game and a small shop! 

Enhancer - Got your mystery box but feeling like it could use a little something extra. Don't worry, you're in luck! Add unlimited boosts to make your order go from average Joe to superstar status. Match any budget, increase your prizes, and enhance your experience. 

Leave a note in the order comments section of any preferences you may have on what you are looking for.