Mystery Boxes

These are a fun way to show your support while getting solutions to your airsoft needs.

Support Mystery Boxes are usually available for sale. They contain gear and accessories to support your game and Jefe's youtube channel. Items in these boxes are BRAND NEW

Super Mystery Boxes are rare and only occur at random times and in limited quantities as low as 1-2 boxes and as high as 5 boxes. These Super Mystery Boxes contain a working verified used airsoft device. The price of the Super Mystery Box also fluctuates and is not always the same. 

Enhancer - add this to your order with any mystery box to bring it to the next level. There is no limit to how many boosts you can add to your order. 

Match any budget, increase your prizes, and enhance your experience. 

Leave a note in the order comments section of any preferences you may have on what you are looking for.