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Fate’s Grasp GCW

Fate’s Grasp GCW

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Galactic Airsoft Alliance is proud to present Galactic Civil War: Fate's Grasp

This is the Third LARP/Milsim event in the continuous series hosted by GAA. This event is limited to 250 players and is a pre-order-only event! All players are entered into a pre-game raffle!

Join The Empire to help cement their foothold on Mauston III or enlist with the Rebels to help liberate the citizens of Imperial rule. 

Interact with the environment like never before. Skirmesh technology allows players to interact with objectives and monitor the ever-changing game map in real time!

The in-game economy rewards you for completing missions, and tasks allowing you to upgrade your character, enjoy food and drink at the local cantina, purchase various equipment, or try your luck at the sabacc table.

Primitive Camping is available on-site over the weekend.

Food Pass Add-on

Covers Meals

Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, Supper

Sunday: Breakfast, Lunch




Uniform Requirements

Unaffiliated are players that fall outside the Imperial or Rebel uniform requirements. Examples are Galactic denizens, Mandalorians, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and outlaws. These players must carve their own path through the Galaxy.

The only earth camo that can be used is ATACS FG for Rebels, stay clear of tactical helmets, baseball caps, and jeans. Putting a kit together for the event can be very easy, fun, and inexpensive. Check out your local thrift or surplus stores and wear a civilian/mercenary loadout.



Solid matching White, Black, OD Green, and Grey tops and bottoms, Solid color flight suits/coveralls of the same color, and/or Trooper armor of all colors. NO EARTH CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS Solid color Vests, belt rigs, chest rigs.



Uniform: Non-matching Earth tones top and bottoms, Star Wars Rebel attire, orange jumpsuit (pilots), Wookiee fur, and ATACS FG NO EARTH CAMOUFLAGE PATTERNS except ATACS FG Solid color vests, belt rigs, chest rigs.

Unaffiliated players are not aligned with the Empire or Rebel Alliance. They carve their own way through the galaxy taking jobs as mercenaries,
bounty hunters, outlaws, smugglers, and assassins. They might also aid various NPCs and shop workers with less intense work. These players will have to pay for their respawns as well as bacta refills.

Heavy roleplaying will be required to succeed in this role, and these players may try and gain a reputation with the various NPC sub-factions throughout Mauston in order to survive.

Event Schedule 

Friday: May 3rd

15:00 Early Reg/Chrono Open

18:00 Early Reg/Chrono Closed

Saturday: May 4th

6:00 Registration Open

7:00 Chrono Open

9:00 Registration/Chrono Closed

9:00 Mandatory Safety Brief 

9:45 Faction Brief @ Bases 

10:00 Game Start

Sunday: May 5th

14:00 Game End

14:15 final raffle/awards

Important Information

Fate's Grasp is a continuous immersive event running from Saturday morning to Sunday Afternoon. Camping on the field is allowed and players are encouraged to camp with their faction, eye protection is required at all times outside of the safe areas.

Character upgrades are available from NPC ran shops on the field.

Full series ruleset: 


Event Location 
Action Sports Wisconsin

N6090 County Road G
Mauston, WI 53948
United States


Field Marshals are the supreme authority on the field. They are present in order to maintain a safe and fun environment. Disobeying, disrespecting, and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited. Field marshals must be informed of any violations of field or game rules. FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY FIELD EMERGENCY SITUATIONS.


It requires everyone involved to see the bigger picture of creating an incredible experience you can’t get anywhere else. There are many trying situations that might arise from this game however all players are expected to compose themselves in a mature, friendly manner, even when the game gets intense. Any instances of verbal or physical aggression are grounds for immediate banning from the field.


Tickets are non-refundable unless the event is canceled.  Event tickets are non-transferable.

Rules are subject to changes without notice. 

By purchasing this ticket you agree for Jefes Airsoft Solutions and all its affiliates to film, photograph, and share the content of the event. 

Rules are subject to change without notice.

Jefe's Airsoft Solutions assumes no liability for this event and is only providing a platform for the Host to sell their tickets.


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