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Heat Gradation Lightweight Bolt

Heat Gradation Lightweight Bolt

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CTM TAC - AAP-01 Heat Gradation Lightweight Bolt

Introducing the AAP-01 Heat Gradation Lightweight Bolt! Get ready to ramp up your airsoft game with this revolutionary new bolt from AAP. Crafted from a brilliantly rainbow metallic lightweight material, this bolt will replace the stock counterpart and provide you with a fraction of its weight. Enjoy increased rates of fire without the added heaviness and bulk of the original. Perfectly complementing this bolt is our 180% nozzle recoil spring set, heat gradient outer barrel, and receiver. With our safety first ethos, you can rest assured that this package guarantees an improved gaming performance while following all necessary safety regulations. Step into the vibrant world of colors and equip yourself with AAP’s latest tools - designed to make your gaming experience more powerful than ever before. Buy yours today!

  • Material : 7075 Aluminum
    Weight : 32.0g



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