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Jefe's Airsoft Solutions

Elite Airsoft BBs - 0.25g 1kg

Elite Airsoft BBs - 0.25g 1kg

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Get ready for the most competitive and exciting game of Airsoft ever with these .25 Airsoft BBs! This premium ammo is made specifically for 6mm guns, so the performance couldn't be better. Its high-quality craftsmanship allows for maximum accuracy when shooting. Plus, the lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to aim without having to worry about any added resistance or bulkiness. Not to mention, they're incredibly affordable too! So don't wait to get your hands on this amazing ammo and experience an airsoft game like never before—try it yourself and you'll see why this ammo is simply one of a kind! Trust us, you won't regret it. Add these incredible .25 Airsoft BBs to your arsenal today and have the most thrilling game of airsoft yet!


  • Sleek blacked-out bag to block UV light from impacting the bbs. 
  • 100% spherical and seamless BBs are engineered to the highest tolerances.
  • A clean polish finish reduces friction and surface imperfections for consistent precision.
  • Resealable bag for easy storage and access while reducing waste. 
  • The first and only officially branded Jefe Airsoft BBs on the market. 

Jefe presents elite and reliable ammo to fuel your 6mm addiction.  Subpar bbs with seams and air bubbles will break and shatter your device, causing jams and potentially damaging components. Jefe's bbs are seamless and have a double polish finish to provide a clean, smooth, and precise experience.


Weight: 0.25g
Diameter: 5.95 + 0.01mm
Color: White
Quantity: 1 KG (about 4000 rounds)

 Do you have a team or want to go in on a bulk order with your buddies?

Bulk Group pricing is offered for Jefe's Officially Branded BBs. For inquiries please email directly to and we can find the best deal for you! 

Do you have your own field, store, or host events?
Large-quantity orders are more than welcome! For orders of high volume, there will be an MOQ and a longer lead time. For inquiries please email directly to and we can find the best deal for you! 


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